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Your Last Dime

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About the Author

A little bit about the Author!
For over 10 years, the author of Your Last Dime, has lived a frugal lifestyle. A mother to 2 young children, and a step-mother to an older child, her determination to persevere through extrodinarily difficult circimstance is what brought Your Last Dime to life.
Not being able to face another bill collector, and not having any money to buy more food, She thought about a couple of questions her Pastor had asked her." What talents do you have that you can use?" and " What is the value in your current financial circumstance?"  As she was making dinner for her husband and children, it all started comming together!
These recipies that she was using were the answer! Her talent was coming up with meals that were tasty and filling on very little money.And the value was that she could share these to help other people in dire circumstances. If she could do it, then so could anyone! Thus, on a rainy day in May, Your Last Dime was born.
Literally using her last dime, she began to put this book together.

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